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Repository of Spaded Thingies

Postby IstariAsuka » Fri Mar 26, 2010 3:06 am

A recent sentiment expressed on the KoL forums was that people would spade if known information wasn't far-flung across all sorts of other forums, wiki discussion pages, and whatnot. This thread is to try to address this.

While we can't get all known information in one place, I think we can get a lot of previously spaded things, as well as more obscure mechanics in general, into this thread. Preferably with links to the original spading, when possible. Obviously this is not for common stuff like encounter rates of zone X, or drop rate of zone Y.

If you guys can help out by posting the results of something, along with a link, in this thread, I can proceed to integrate it into this first post, and then delete your post so it doesn't clutter up the thread. Thanks!

  • Blender / Opossum Placeholder
  • Combat Rates:
  • Consumable Modifier order of effect Placeholder
  • Item Drop Rates [Special items only!]:
  • Expert Panhandling with Saucepan Placeholder
  • Olfaction Placeholder
  • Pastamancer Spell Caps Placeholder
  • Slimeling Disgoring Placeholder
  • Spring Raindrop

Made an alphabetized tree structure, might want to organize it differently? Put a bunch of placeholders in. - RT
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Re: Repository of Spaded Thingies

Postby SilentKnight » Fri Nov 05, 2010 8:48 pm

if i'm correct as to the format of this thread: Penne dreadful spading is not fully reflected on the wiki.
at level 10 penne dreadful goes from being +100% booze or +100% food to being +100% items in general. The only part that isn't clear to me is if the level 5 skill is 100% food and booze or just food.
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