Softcore PvP League dry run!

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Softcore PvP League dry run!

Postby crovax1234 » Wed Aug 01, 2012 12:24 am

I'm looking to do a dry run of this in SC ASAP so I can get some feedback and have some people actively participating. I am looking for a total of 6 participants for this run, and I'll stake everyone 1m initially. I'll kick off the league once we have 6 participants. Post your daily scores in here and I'll keep track of everyone's bankrolls!

Rules are as follows:

General organization:

- Leagues start on the first of each month, and end on the 28th of each month (and the 26th of February). This will allow time for bookkeeping at the end of each month.
- Buyins are due from the first ten people in each queue by the last day of each month. In case of delinquent payment, the next person in the queue will be offered the chance to buy in ahead of that person.
- Queues for each league open a week before the league starts.
- You may not enter multiple queues on the same character at the same time. Pick one.
- Barring exceptional circumstances, each league will be limited to 10 slots.
- Standard leagues (firing every month) are: 100k, 1m, 10m
- Each buyin amount has both a HC and SC division - these leagues are separate from each other.
- Other nonstandard leagues may fire every few months - follow these threads to be alerted to when these happen!

- All buyins should be sent to (insert account to use here) in a plain brown wrapper. On either the inside or outside, include the player name and ID# of the account being entered in that league.
- All payouts will be sent back from the same account to the account that supplied the entry fee.

Rules of the Game:
- You must attack each other person in your league at least once a day. Penalties for failing to do so are listed in the next section.
- You must stay in your chosen path (HC/SC) with your stone broken for the entire season. Penalties for failing to do so are listed in the next section.
- You may attack each other as many times as you possibly can per day.
- Only your best offensive and defensive win per person count per day.
- At the end of each day, post your best offensive and defensive wins against each other player in your league's Results Thread as such.
-- [view] Ercassendil (1) vs Crovax1234 (6) 07-24 12:54am
-- [view] Crovax1234 (7) vs Ercassendil (0) 07-24 12:54am
- You are not responsible for posting your losses, but you are responsible for disputing them if wins against you are improperly posted.
- Your initial bankroll will be 90% of your buy-in. The other 10% will go to a pot that will be distributed at the end of the season. Rules for pot distribution may vary from season to season, but rules will always be disclosed before the season starts.
- Meat will be transferred between each player's bankroll nightly according to these reported scores. Amounts transferred per win are as follows:
-- 4:3 Win - .5% of buyin
-- 5:2 Win - 1% of buyin
-- 6:1 Win - 2% of buyin
-- 7:0 Win - 5% of buyin
- Each player's bankroll will be updated by the league's admin as punctually as possible.
- Every Sunday and Wednesday, players will be given an opportunity to give notice that they are cashing out the game. When official notice has been given, the player will remain in the league until the next notice date. That rollover, the player will be removed from the league, and will receive funds equal to their remaining bankroll. They will also be barred from re-entering that league until the next season starts. A cash-out notice cannot be canceled. The next person in the queue will be given an opportunity to buy into the league, effective the date of the previous player's departure.

Trying to Prevent Assholes From Gaming the System:
- SECTION 3: Penalties for failing to attack someone in a given day increase in severity per day you miss at least one attack.
-- First day, each missed attack counts as a 4:3 defensive win for each person you missed.
-- Second day, they count as 5:2 defensive wins.
-- Third day, 6:1 defensive wins.
-- Fourth day and beyond, 7:0 defensive wins.

- SECTION 9: Straying from the path
-- Anyone who successfully hits someone while they're out of the proper type of path gets twice the standard prize that a hit of that quality would earn in the league (offensive losses lose the attacker nothing) from the target's bankroll. These people do not have to be in a league to receive the payment.

-- If someone catches you at a level higher than 1 with an unbroken stone, they collect a penalty equal to 1% of the initial stake of your league (a 5-2 hit)
-- If you're caught at level 1 with an unbroken stone for more than an hour, all of your wins for that day are voided. Anyone who does not have an offensive win against you that day is automatically awarded an offensive score of 4:3 against you.

- SECTION ??.Q: Loopholes and Things the Organizers Missed
-- If the need for any further rules arise, they will be implemented immediately. Penalties imposed will come into effect as of the next Sunday or Wednesday (whichever comes first).
-- If you simply bring a loophole to our attention instead of exploiting it, you may be rewarded. If you exploit it to an absurd degree, we may arbitrarily penalize you. If you're a dick about exploiting it, we will definitely arbitrarily penalize you. These penalties will be added to the pot for the league affected by your exploitery.
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Re: Softcore PvP League dry run!

Postby Jererry » Thu Aug 02, 2012 4:59 am

I'll give it a dry go!
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